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Smart Yacht

умная яхта - Специализация на интеграции роскошных технологий на борту вашей яхты

What Smart Yacht can do:

Smart Yacht Lighting

With the help of the system Smart Yacht Lighting, it becomes possible to control each light source in all rooms, regardless of where the lamp is located and what type it is. It is possible to turn on (turn off) the light and adjust its brightness remotely. Now, with the help of Smart Yacht Lighting, you can control lighting from almost anywhere, even far away or leaving night lighting on duty, which you can do either muffled or with a smooth turn-on.

Light can also be turned off or on at a predetermined time. In addition to remote control, you can program the light automatics depending on the presence in the room of a person, depending on the time of day, the time of the year, weather conditions, illumination. It is possible to create light scenarios - various combinations of brightness, different light scales, transitions from shadows to light. Your scripts can be switched on all over the yacht or in a separate cabin with one touch to the control panel. Or even automatically, with the beginning of watching the movie in your home theater or on video.

умная яхта-мультимедиа для яхтыIt is also necessary to mention that the automation system, if it is necessary, can simulate the presence of owners. The program every evening will turn on the light in different rooms with a certain brightness, when nightfall it will turn off the light, leaving the lighting on duty.  In the morning, while it's dark, the program will turn on the light again. Your light management system will make you happy, provide a certain degree of protection, create comfortable living conditions for you and amaze your guests.

Smart Yacht Security

If someone will  invade your yacht, the security system will send a signal about what happened not only to the remote control of the security structures, but also to the phone or pager you specified. When invaded, Smart Yacht Security can automatically enable video recording.

The security system reacts to the arrival of the owners. When the signal "own" comes in, the lights turn on, the instruments start working (at your discretion.) Also possible a different reaction to the arrival of the staff.

Audio and video subsystems are integrated into the common system of Smart Yacht. The audio subsystem remembers and reproduces voice reminders, can voice its actions, and can also transmit you the information of interest. The video subsystem monitors the outdoor environment. Both audio and video subsystems interact with your telephone network and when sending alarm messages and when using the phone as a conversation device with a visitor.

Smart Yacht Climat-control

 Smart Yacht Climat-control can support individual parameters in every room - temperature, humidity, fresh air - everything, depending on your wishes.  Moreover, depending on the  temperature outside and the required heating rate, one or several heat appliances, heat fans, air conditioners in the heating mode will be selected and switched on. Smart Yacht Climat-control will independently create you comfortable conditions for sleep - the temperature will drop by night, and rise by morning.

You can change the temperature in any room at will from anywhere. The window will be automatically close if it starts to rain or there is a strong wind. In hot weather, the climat control system automatically switches on the air conditioners and lowers the blinds. Also, the climate control system allows you to create individual scenarios.

Smart Yacht Entertaiment

Smart Yacht Entertaiment allows you to receive audio and video from your home control center in any room where there is a TV and acustic system. One touch of the control panel and you can select TV or DVD, FM radio or CD player. The simplest way to control is the keypad, where each button corresponds to a device, a group of devices, or a sequence of actions that need to be performed. The buttons can be a light indication of the status of the corresponding device.

мультимедиа для яхты

For control there are push-button pane which  looks  like multi-key switches and perfectly fit into any interior. For clarity, the keypad can have a small display, which reflects the minimum information about the state of the умная яхтаsystem. Wide-spread portable consoles with radio frequency or infrared encoding commands. These consoles are used for remote control of ALL devices.

The most prestigious and comfortable models  with a touch screen. Such a remote is a small monitor with images of buttons, the names of teams, explanatory pictures.умная яхта

There are also wall or portable panels (monitors). They are very intuitive, they can show any information in the interactive mode, take commands when you touch the corresponding image with your finger. Also, the automation system can display images from video cameras, from TV sets and other sources.  Such interfaces are becoming more common, due to their wide range of possibilities and ease of communication.

Smart Yacht system is the most comfortable control system for  today.

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