Smart Yacht climat-control

климат контроль яхт

With the automatic climate control system in Smart Yacht Climat-control, set the  temperature, as comfortable as possible for you, separately for each cabin or the same throughout the yacht. Not need to think, turn on warm floors or not, move the latches on the radiators or not, turn on the air conditioner or not. The climate control system will automatically respond to the current temperature and the specified conditions to which it will set the wish room temperature.


The intelligent climate control system Smart Yacht Climat-control allows integrating heat, warm floors and air conditioning into one centralized system of intelligent climate control.

Amazing opportunities open up when integrating the climate system into a single Smart Yacht system. Link the climate system to the scenario "Leave the room", and together with the switching off of light in all rooms, the climate system will go into an energy-saving mode. And for 20-30 minutes before your return, activate the script "I come ", and by the time you arrive your boat will automatically heat up or cool depending on the time of the year and your installations.SMART YACHT CLIMAT-CONTROL


Intellectual climate control system significantly provides the convenience of the temperature setting, saves the electricity at the account of the right algorithms of work and gives the unbeatable comfort.




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