Smart Yacht LIGHTING

On board the yacht, often the same spaces are used for several functions. Depending on the presence of the owner or guests on board or events passing there, the atmosphere of space may require to be completely different. Lighting plays an important for  this transformation. Lighting can turn the deck space into a party area with a change in color, the light pulsates into the beats of music, or create a soft, quiet harbor for an intimate evening.


Умное освещение для яхт

To use different various combinations of groups of light instruments and their brightness, you can create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in one particular room, and on the whole yacht . All this differentlighting options can be programmed into the memory of the lighting control system, and with just a few buttons you can simply go through these lighting options.

So  you can control lighting from both small keypads and via the remote control.  Another advantage of such a system is the saving of electricity.


Smart Yacht Lighting provides:Умное освещение для яхт

  • Management of individual light zones
  • Global scenarios of light
  • Local scenarios of light
  • Auto-control by external lighting
  • Turn on / off lighting on sunset / sunrise
  • Management of controlled power sockets
  • Screen Management



Smart Yacht Lighting




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