Smart Yacht Entertaiment

Smart Yacht Мультирум

Smart Yacht Multiroom

Smart Yacht Multiroom is a multi-zone audio and video distribution system. The audio system distributes the audio signal, while the Audio / Video also transmits the video image.

When installing the Smart Yacht Multiroom system, acoustic systems, plasma panels, wall-mounted or portable wireless control panels are located in each cabin area, and the signal sources themselves are concentrated in one place, for example, in a server cabinet. Thus, all zones use the same sources, which saves you from having to purchase them for each zone separately. Now you can listen to your favorite radio station or disc no matter where the source of the sound is located, and you do not have to install audio and video components in each cabin.


Smart Yacht Multiroom will allow you to select a particular source of the signal, turn on the desired record, set the desired volume of sound, and set other necessary settings for sound and video transmission.

In addition, Smart Yacht Multiroom can perform some additional functions. For example, it can be used for alert purposes. From the wall console to the selected cabin (or cabins), you can send a voice message. With Smart Yacht Multiroom, you can create a collection of your favorite movies and music. You just need to put the disc with the entry into the reader, and the media server will save the entry in the archive, Smart Yacht Multiroom, which is a large capacity hard disk (HDD).

The system of scoring is intended for the transmission of background music, it can also be connected with fire alarm systems or an accident, used to transmit announcements.

Depending on the requirements, layout and room characteristics, one or more independent sound zones are created in which you can listen to different music and adjust the volume level. System management, sound source selection (CD and DVD player, radio tuner, media server), the zone can be switched on / off from the central console, a stationary wall-mounted control panel or a portable remote control.

For sound reproduction, a ceiling / wall or acoustics built-in is used. Acoustic systems are selected in accordance with the design of the room.

Smart Yacht Мультирум

Smart Yacht Cinema

The modern cinema industry in the tremendous and unusual possibilities for the image and the sound. This is both a 3D image, and a volume of multi-channel sound, and special effects, etc.

Smart Yacht Cinema is a multifunctional complex that will allow you to enjoy the surround sound and colorful image of your favorite movie in a comfortable environment. The main factor influencing the reception of high-quality surround sound in the Smart Yacht Cinema is the use of multi-channel sound systems based on the digital sound processing processors of various formats, such as Dolby Digital & Dts, different configurations, acoustic systems.

Smart Yacht Мультирум

Equally important in the Smart Yacht Cinema is the video equipment. The quality of the image depends on these sources. After that, the image is displayed on the screen, which can act as a normal TV, or a plasma panel. But it is more comfortable for use. With this combination, it is possible to get the largest picture with excellent image quality.

This combination of video equipment and surround sound will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the scene.

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